AllFacebook January 7, 2013
by David Cohen

Report: Facebook App Downloads, Usage Spike On New Year's Day

Global marketing and digital advertising company LifeStreet Media tracked downloads and usage of Facebook applications during the period between Christmas Day and New Year's, and its findings were not surprising, considering the number of new mobile devices activated during that span.

Here are some of the findings by LifeStreet Media:

  • Some 50 million iOS and Android devices were given as gifts during this past holiday season.
  • On Christmas day itself, downloads of apps via were down 23.3 percent, impressions down 20.4 percent, and unique visitors down 26 percent compared with the previous Tuesday, as Facebook users spent more time with family and less time in front of their computers.
  • It was a different story for mobile apps, which saw double-digit jumps in downloads and impressions on Christmas day versus the prior Tuesday.
  • Back to Facebook: From Dec. 26 through New Year's Day, app impressions and downloads were up 7.7 percent and 9 percent, respectively, compared with the prior week, while unique users were down 6 percent. LifeStreet said, "This seems to indicate that had fewer app users over the holidays, but the remaining people who did engage with apps did so for increased periods of time."
  • There were major spikes in Facebook app usage on two specific days: Dec. 28 (impressions up 9.7 percent, conversions up 24.6 percent), and New Year's Day (up 18.8 percent and more than 41 percent, respectively), likely due to the fact that while most people were off from work on New Year's Day, it is not a traditional family holiday, like Christmas.
  • Overall mobile app usage and conversions spiked 47 percent and 57 percent, respectively, on New Year's Day.
  • Despite the recent and dramatic shift toward the mobile Web, users still accessed via their desktops by a factor of 25.

Readers: Did any of the findings by LifeStreet Media surprise you?