FierceMobileContent August 26, 2013
by Jason Ankeny

Facebook in-app advertising giant LifeStreet expands to mobile

LifeStreet Media is extending its self-service publisher portal from the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) platform to mobile, enabling developers to deploy display ads within their iOS and Android applications.

The LifeStreet Media portal includes the firm's RevJet monetization engine, which leverages "universal object serving" technology to break down ads into granular "visual objects" (e.g., text and images) and "logical objects" (like ad placements and targeting algorithms). RevJet integrates those objects into ads and landing pages, which are consistently tested and optimized until the system maximizes each campaign's revenue potential.

Mobile developers can either download LifeStreet's software development kit or directly link their apps to mediator and exchange partners including Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) AdMob, MoPub and Burstly. According to LifeStreet, developers can deploy ads within minutes without modifying the underlying code.

LifeStreet has paid out more than $150 million in advertising revenues to the 3,500-plus Facebook developers using its self-service portal. The firm promises payouts within a 15-day turnaround, half the industry standard of 30 days.

Mobile advertising spending is on track to increase 95 percent this year, accounting for 20.1 percent of all digital ad spending and 5 percent of total media ad spending, researcher eMarketer reported last week. Marketers will devote a combined $8.51 billion to mobile search, display and messaging campaigns in 2013, a total on pace to reach $13.09 billion next year and $31.13 billion in 2017, the firm forecasts. As of 2017, mobile will attract 50.7 percent of all digital ad spending.

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