Smarter User Acquisition
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LifeStreet makes it simple for advertisers to manage and maximize user acquisition campaigns by creating innovative, industry-leading ads, enabling smart media buying decisions and finding the highest quality customers at scale. We empower advertisers with complete transparency and full visibility into campaigns so you can maximize your return on investment. With LifeStreet, you can:

Acquire app users efficiently

We’ve gotten customer acquisition down to a science. Our proprietary StreetSmart™ platform displays the following real-time information about your campaigns:

Campaign performance for each unique source of inventory

Downstream performance of new users

Total available inventory so you can pay the optimal price for each segment of traffic

Run awesome, innovative ads that get results

We create beautiful, engaging ads using the latest cutting edge technologies. With each campaign, our team:

Tests hundreds of ad variations to serve the highest performing creative

Continues to test and optimize new ads for the duration of the campaign

Brings you yield lifts over 100% – at no cost to you

Access engaged app users at scale

With 100% non-incentivized traffic, we target the most valuable users available within the exact audience you are seeking with:

A network that reaches over 600 million app users monthly

Direct access to inventory from thousands of app developers

Programmatic access to the top ad exchanges

Trust that we have your best interests at heart

We treat our business partners as our allies, offering full transparency on every advertising campaign. To ensure a trusted relationship, we offer each advertiser:

A goal-aligned partnership

Valuable data on campaign performance

Dedicated account management 24/7 and tutorials to ensure you get the most out of the StreetSmart™ data analytics platform

Engage app users at scale.