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Advertising with LifeStreet is a collaborative and straightforward process. Here's what you can expect when you start an advertising campaign with us:

1. Campaign Kickoff

First, your dedicated account manager evaluates your user acquisition goals and develops an initial targeting and creative strategy that best allows you to achieve them.

2. Data Integration

Next, our sales engineering team integrates your app with our StreetSmart™ platform so you can view key performance metrics for each audience segment. We partner with all major tracking providers.

3. Launch & Test

Immediately upon launch, creative and inventory testing begin. Real-time data appears in StreetSmart™, so you can see all your metrics by source.

4. Segment & Scale

Once StreetSmart™ has a solid base of data, we help you scale up on sources that are driving you high quality, engaged users, and we reduce bids on segments that aren’t backing out. We put relevant, actionable performance metrics at your fingertips so you can easily make adjustments to your spend.