Welcome for Stef Adamczyk, the new head of EMEA and a picture of him

The European app market is poised for tremendous growth over the next three years. A report by Sensor Tower predicts that by 2022 user spending in mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play will hit close to $23.5 billion in 2022.

This trend is one that we have already been experiencing here at LifeStreet. The past three years have been marked with countless trips across the pond to meet with our European partners and recently we decided it was time to put down roots and grow our market presence in Europe.

We searched far and wide before finding the perfect new addition to the LifeStreet team and are excited to introduce you to Stefan Adamczyk, Head of EMEA.

Stef has over 23 years of experience in a variety of internally and externally-facing roles. He joined the mobile gaming space in 2014 with AdColony, where he served as the EMEA Advertising Director, the VP Advertising EMEA, and the SVP Performance. With Stef’s help AdColony EMEA grew to be a massive success. After this, Stef worked as a consultant for a year before deciding to join LifeStreet.

We could not be more thrilled to have him aboard as a part of our team! Here are a few questions to help you get to know Stef better:

What initially drew you to sales?

I started my career back in the late 1990’s and was one of the first people working in the internet world within media sales. Education on this new technology and how it worked was very important, as believe it or not there was a lot of resistance then.

I thoroughly enjoyed the education process and the sales cycle. Once on board, nurturing these clients into long standing business relationships.

I sold my first mobile campaign in 2000 (for VNU on the Guardian PDA Avant Go platform) so I feel I was destined to end up working in mobile.

What attracted you to LifeStreet?

The technology and the people. I had heard great things about the company from the start and was impressed to learn that over 60% of our ~70 person team is dedicated to engineering, and another 15% works at our in-house creative agency.

LifeStreet is still at the start of our journey. As more publishers move their supply to an auction and real time bidding environment and more advertisers test and take advantage of the benefits, LifeStreet and the industry will continue to grow at a fast pace.

Technology aside, the people you work with are so important. As I went through my interview process with the key members of the LifeStreet team I was able to observe the dynamics of the company and culture and knew it was definitely for me!

What is the most exciting part of this role for you?

Building on the solid foundation that the team has already put in place in EMEA and learning from new colleagues.

I really enjoy working closely with the different teams to make sure our clients are happy throughout the entire sales cycle — onboarding, delivering strong results, helping them scale their business — at each phase I like being able to help.

Relationship building is something else that really excites me about this role. I enjoy traveling to industry events and different cities. When you are in an industry as long as I have been, old partners become new friends and it’s great to have that facetime to discuss how the landscape is evolving and new challenges the industry is facing.

What gets you up in the morning?

I have two young girls, Romy who is 8 and Camille who is 5. When I’m not traveling I have no need to set an alarm clock as they are up at 7am, even at the weekends!

When I am traveling, a coffee, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D supplement along with a Forte Royal energy booster and I’m ready to take on the day!

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