Bidding Strategy

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Why transparency is the key to cost-effective mobile advertising in 2023

Programmatic advertising has come a long way since the early days of “black box” programmatic buying. For some time now, “granular reporting” like the cost and environment in which programmatic ads are shown has been table stakes for mobile marketers. … Read More

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Self-Serve or Managed Service

What’s right for your app: Self-Serve or Managed Service?

Programmatic advertising is not for the faint of heart. But, it’s still the most efficient, precise and scalable way to grow your app compared to manual media buying. From working with different dashboards to understanding multiple data reporting methodologies, managing … Read More

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A/B testing

Find new growth opportunities with Nero’s A/B testing feature

Nero is the first mobile DSP that makes it easy for marketers to determine which bidding strategy will have the greatest impact on their campaigns. Using the Nero platform, advertisers can set up, test, and preview performance for an infinite … Read More

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programmatic marketing platform

Meet Nero. A mobile-first demand-side platform for true bidding transparency.

A few weeks ago we released our new programmatic marketing platform, Nero. We’ve completely re-engineered our DSP with a singular focus: to offer true bidding transparency. What is true bidding transparency? At LifeStreet, it means giving complete visibility into the … Read More

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Model iteration Loop

How machine learning boosts the power of non-personalized advertising

Less than a year after the enforcement of ATT, Google has announced plans to extend its Privacy Sandbox to include apps on Android devices. While we don’t yet know the details of how or exactly when Google will limit advertisers … Read More

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2021 Year in review

2021 was quite the year. Apple’s self-assertiveness was on full display, Meta and the metaverse became household names; and there were an unprecedented number of ad tech M&As. But for LifeStreet, 2021 was still all about you, our customers, who … Read More

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