On the right side there is a life size phone and three people are switching out the title, image, and text. On the left side the title it says Nero Dynamic Creatives with a mega phone under the title.

Introducing: AI-powered dynamic in-app ads

In mobile advertising, customized ads have long been an effective way for brands to discover, acquire, and retain new users. Most recently, generative AI has unlocked tremendous efficiencies in the personalization of ad creatives and the scale at which content … Read More

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Graph showing two different creative testing ads A and B. In the background there is an image of a phone.

Creative testing best practices

In mobile advertising, advertisers have approximately 1.7 seconds to win the attention of a new player or customer. This makes the design and testing of eye-catching, engaging ads a critical task for ROI-positive mobile marketing campaigns — especially as the … Read More

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Playing game on iPhone.

Seven steps to creating a winning playable

As a designer at LifeStreet, I create all types of ad creatives for our game app clients, including playables. Below, I write about playable ads, including what they are, their key advantages and how to create ones that convert high-quality … Read More

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iphone inside the outline of a pumpkin

Seasons are the reason to get creative

It’s that time of year again – the air feels cooler, the leaves turn crisp and the anticipation of back-to-back holidays looms around the corner. In the world of mobile advertising, that means we’re right back in the swing of … Read More

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Four different end card templates

5 Tips for testing end card templates

This post was originally posted on App Growth Summit. Creative has always played an important role for user acquisition campaigns. But with limited access to the IDFA, increasing competition, and decreasing attention spans, performance marketing increasingly relies on the right … Read More

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2020 spelled out with phones displaying ads and games replacing the 0s and an arrow trajectory going upwards in the background

What 2020 creative trends
mean for 2021

The start of the New Year is never the clean break from the past in the same way that is tearing the last page from the calendar or effortlessly swiping the digital days away from view. Many things follow us … Read More

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