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How to drive ROAS in 2023

It’s a new year and a new day in the mobile economy. In 2022, rising costs and inflation led to a slowdown of in-app purchases as users recalibrated their spending habits to fit their financial needs. In 2023, mobile ad … Read More

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A/B testing

Find new growth opportunities with Nero’s A/B testing feature

Nero is the first mobile DSP that makes it easy for marketers to determine which bidding strategy will have the greatest impact on their campaigns. Using the Nero platform, advertisers can set up, test, and preview performance for an infinite … Read More

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Data Warehouse

Performance marketing is only as strong as your data platform

Today, accurately estimating the value of an ad impression requires acquiring and structuring 100-1,000 times more data compared to a decade ago. That’s because ten years ago the amount of data used to predict an impression value was limited to … Read More

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Apple vs. Android

Why Android is worth your advertising dollars, now more than ever

Who advertisers should target–iOS or Android users–has long been the subject of debate among mobile app marketers. And despite the fact that this rivalry has spanned more than a decade, there are so many factors to consider when comparing Android … Read More

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The economics of modeling: More, bigger, faster.

We’ve recently completed a series of engineering improvements to the LifeStreet prediction engine, allowing us to more effectively incorporate even more data into our models. This project has led to a 53% decrease in CPIs and a 137% increase in … Read More

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