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Q&A with Influence Mobile: The power of incentivized engagement

In the dynamic and competitive realm of mobile user engagement, Influence Mobile distinguishes itself by specializing in connecting brands with high-value customers through incentivized interactions. Through their flagship app Rewarded Play, they’re redefining how brands can forge meaningful connections with … Read More

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Best practices for successful app-to-web campaigns

In an era characterized by swift digital transformations and economic shifts, many brands face the imminent challenge of maintaining sustainable growth. This, in turn, has shifted business goals from a focus on growth to tangible profitability. With app-to-web campaigns, brands … Read More

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Two phones on a podium side by side. The phone higher on the podium is showing in-app advertising compared to the other phone showing mobile web.

How in-app advertising outperforms mobile web

Finding the right mix of channels and strategies to best optimize your ad spend is key when it comes to your marketing efforts. The average consumer engages with mobile devices for over 4 hours a day. What’s more — in … Read More

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GameMakers Recap – IDFA Deprecation Scapegoat or Reality?

In the ever-evolving realm of mobile gaming, one recent change has sparked a flurry of discussions, debates, and blame games: the deprecation of the IDFA. In a recent episode for GameMakers hosted by Lila Games CEO, Joseph Kim, experts Levi … Read More

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A hand holding a phone with maze game on the screen with icons surrounding around the phone such as volume, location, timer and battery.

Why contextual targeting is more than just context

The global contextual advertising market is set to reach $335.1 billion by 2026 and for good reason. With data privacy restrictions changing advertising on desktop and mobile, advertisers are racing to innovate new ways to serve ads to users that … Read More

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Model iteration Loop

How machine learning boosts the power of non-personalized advertising

Less than a year after the enforcement of ATT, Google has announced plans to extend its Privacy Sandbox to include apps on Android devices. While we don’t yet know the details of how or exactly when Google will limit advertisers … Read More

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