User Acquisition

Strategies for jumpstarting user acquisition plateaus

The reality of advertising is that sustained, accelerated growth is not always possible. Many brands can face challenges when trying to expand their user base after reaching a certain threshold due to market saturation and diminishing returns on investment (ROI). … Read More

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Revving up mobile growth with alternative channels

Another year, another impactful MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked)! Thank you to our partners, clients and friends who joined us in making MAU 2023 as impactful as it was. Along with attending and hosting some fantastic events, we had the pleasure … Read More

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Self-Serve or Managed Service

What’s right for your app: Self-Serve or Managed Service?

Programmatic advertising is not for the faint of heart. But, it’s still the most efficient, precise and scalable way to grow your app compared to manual media buying. From working with different dashboards to understanding multiple data reporting methodologies, managing … Read More

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SKAN 4.0

Everything game apps need to know about SKAN 4.0

Last month, Apple rolled out its much anticipated SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0. The latest version of its privacy-based measurement framework contains key improvements that will help make SKAN more effective for all app marketers. In this blog, we cover the key … Read More

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A/B testing

Find new growth opportunities with Nero’s A/B testing feature

Nero is the first mobile DSP that makes it easy for marketers to determine which bidding strategy will have the greatest impact on their campaigns. Using the Nero platform, advertisers can set up, test, and preview performance for an infinite … Read More

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How App-to-Web Can Boost Your Brand’s Growth

In today’s multitouch media landscape, a cross-channel marketing strategy that spans in-app and mobile web touchpoints is a great way to access new pockets of users. At LifeStreet, we’ve seen much success with app-to-web conversion flows, especially following changes to … Read More

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