Real-time bid into IAB display ad units inside Facebook apps

Access the world's leading social media ad exchange for Facebook in-app inventory

Do you have real-time bidding capability? With the LifeStreet Exchange, you can gain access today to in-app IAB ad units displayed by the world's largest group of Facebook app developers.

  • Publishers include thousands of Facebook app developers
  • 350 million monthly users – among the most engaged on Facebook
  • Billions of impressions available via real-time bidding
Demand partners access display inventory from thousands of app developers
Demand partners access display inventory from thousands of app developers
Real-time bidding

Engage in programmatic buying with users in a real-time environment, enabling you to reach the precise users you want precisely when you want them.

Standard IAB ad units on Facebook

Facebook in-app advertising is the only way to display standard IAB ad units on Facebook.

  • Supported ad sizes: 728x80, 300x250, 160x600
Rich media ads on Facebook

Why run small, static ads when you can run fully animated, rich media ads? The LifeStreet Exchange serves ads directly into Facebook apps, which have a large canvas for displaying a variety of ad sizes and formats.

  • Supported ad formats: Flash, HTML5, video and more
Easy implementation

Plugging into the LifeStreet Exchange is a snap.

  • For advertisers and agencies:
    No implementation necessary. Your DSP or buy-side platform provider will take care of the technology, enabling you to stay 100% focused on managing your business.
  • For DSP's, trading desks and other buy-side platform providers: Implementation is easy and typically completed within a couple of days. Contact us to learn more or to request a copy of the LifeStreet Exchange Implementation Guide.