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LifeStreet empowers the world’s leading mobile app developers to monetize apps at scale. We maximize rates for app developers by offering unprecedented value to advertisers, and our effectiveness with advertisers translates into higher payouts for publishers. The better ads perform within your apps, the more money you earn. LifeStreet delivers:

Top rates delivered fast

By delivering quality users and ROI-positive results to our advertisers, LifeStreet taps into endless budgets with premium rates, which means maximum revenues to you. We partner with all the leading mobile advertisers, allowing us to provide relevant content, optimizing for both earnings and user happiness.

  Premium mobile demand competing for your space

  Fast weekly payouts in every currency (net15)

THE best ads, in every format

LifeStreet delivers the best-performing creative across every type of ad unit. Armed with world-class creative optimization technology and our own creative team, we are perpetually improving creative performance to yield higher payouts from our advertisers to our publishers.

  Beautiful interstitials with HTML5 animation

  Video and native units

  Interactive/Playable Units

Easiest integration in the industry

LifeStreet has the only platform flexible enough to say that "easy integration" doesn't require an SDK. Integrate code-free through your existing mediator or with a private marketplace. API and SDK integrations also available.

  Mediated Connections: MoPub, Admob, AdMarvel

  Private Marketplace (PMP): MoPub, OpenX, Nexage, Rubicon, Inneractive

  Direct: API, lightweight open-source SDK

True Partnership, Transparent Results

While our platform will provide you with all the insights you need in real time, our team is here to help you make the most of them. We'll help you reach customized goals, from high-fill globally expansive buys for revenue maximization, to selectively targeted buys for CPM optimization.

  8 years experience monetizing with game developers

  Performance insights backed by data

  Transparency and control

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