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Here’s how publishers can get started working with LifeStreet:

1. Select Integration Method

Mobile – choose your preferred method for connecting your app:

Mediated Connections: MoPub, Admob, AdMarvel
Private Marketplace (PMP): MoPub, OpenX, Nexage, Rubicon, Inneractive
Direct: API connection, lightweight open-source SDK

Web – easily setup support for your ad placements:

Generate your sites and respective sizes
Explore inventory specific ad units & customization
Copy or export javascript tags & integrate to go live instantly

2. Customize Our Media Buying Method

Work with your account manager to determine the strategy to get the maximum return on your inventory:

Higher fill, maximized revenue or
Optimized, targeted buying for maximized CPM’s

3. Monitor Performance & Optimize

We offer industry-leading real-time access to all of your information: requests, fill rates, impressions, geography and revenue performance. Work with us to determine the best reports for you to monitor demand performance.

4. Start Earning & Get Paid Faster

Choose your payment frequency (weekly or monthly), your pay period (up to net 15) and your payment method (ACH, wire, Paypal or Payoneer) and start earning revenue right away.