Acquisition – Acquire valuable mobile users at scale

Acquire valuable mobile users at scale

Maximize the impact of your mobile user acquisition strategy

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The right bid for the right user

By combining your data with our custom, deep learning models we can predict each prospective user's unique value to you. Optimize on any post-install KPI, including retention, purchase value, propensity to act, purchase and more. Our supercharged model production iterates and tests more model configurations faster than before, allowing us to find better performing models with higher predictive accuracy.

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“At Huuuge we are not inspired by buzzwords. Performance is what we care about. With LifeStreet we ramped spending quickly because they delivered in spades. With giving them my user-level data, they were able to build custom, deep learning models to hit our performance and user quality targets.”

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Misha Syrotiuk,
Head of Ad Networks and Programmatic

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Models built for a post-IDFA world

Our platform rapidly tests how new contextual parameters influence user acquisition touch points and which signals outside of IDFA have the greatest advantage when it comes to predictive modeling.

Convert impressions into customers

Maximize the value of each impression by serving the optimal creative. Our creative experts leverage proven techniques to move users down the conversion funnel. We know that small changes can yield big results so we test, analyze, and optimize anything that can impact the conversion flow.

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Efficiently access quality programmatic supply

We access only the best programmatic in-app supply. Our partnership with Pixalate, an accredited Fraud Management System, reduces exposure to fraud, helping preserve your advertising budgets and data integrity.