Solutions – Сreative Services

Higher ROI with quality ad experiences

Benefit from our in-house team of creative experts or bring your own ads and we’ll test for the optimal ad experience

In-house creative expertise

We know what works when it comes to display, video and interactive playables. Our ads are fully customizable, configurable, and optimized for maximum performance. Because great ideas come from everywhere, if you have compelling third-party ads, we’ll test them too and let you know what performs best so you can design for the future.

Iterative design

Convert impressions into customers through creative optimization. We maximize the value of each impression by executing creative A/B/n tests and using the results to inform future iterations. Our proprietary creative optimizer streamlines testing by automatically removing underperforming ads, ensuring we are always serving the optimal creative.

Competitive edge

Our proprietary video repository has over 20,000 ad experiences we’ve collected over the past 5 years. With this tool, we can observe different creative methods competitors are using and the general direction the industry is moving in. We want to ensure your business can capitalize on what we see working for your target audience.