Fraud Protection

Trusted by the MRC to Stop Sophisticated Fraud

LifeStreet employs the only Fraud Management System accredited by the Media Relations Council (MRC) to stop sophisticated invalid traffic across display, in-app, video and OTT/CTV.

Minimize Waste with Pre-Bid Blocking

Pre-bid blocking prevents invalid traffic (IVT) across all channels. IVT determinations are gained through first-party data and insights across 1.5 million apps, 80 million domains and 2.5 billion mobile devices.

Invest with Confidence

Our Fraud Management System blocks over 35 types of suspicious traffic across 6 areas (IPs, Device IDs, Domains, Apps, User Agents, Data Centers) and at all levels (user, publisher, ad, network).

Ranked top 5 in Fraud Prevention by Kochava

The Kochava Traffic Index evaluates media partners for marketers. Their analysis measured rates of fraud for clicks and installs across all blacklisted sites, IP addresses, devices and site IDs displaying click flooding activity with ≥1000:1 click-to-install ratio on at least one app.

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