Limited Ad Tracking

Optimize towards ROAS on LAT traffic

Hit your KPI benchmarks even without the IDFA

LAT users are quality users

When we’ve applied our models to LAT traffic, our contextual targeting finds high quality, in-app inventory that meets or exceeds our advertisers KPI benchmarks. We’ve been purchasing LAT users since the release of iOS 10 in 2016 and have fine-tuned our machine learning model to deliver the best performance possible without the IDFA.

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Contextual targeting signals

We now receive +30 new privacy-compliant parameters per exchange. This gives us even more data points to assemble probabilistic user profiles for targeting and campaign optimization.

Playable metrics

Our proprietary playable metrics collect data on how users interact with ads — where they click, the number of interactions, user inactivity and more. These additional contextual signals feed our prediction models so that we can identify the creative elements most likely to engage a user and develop playables with those features.

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We see 30 billion monthly LAT bid requests. That’s 30 billion opportunities to connect with quality users at scale.

Case Study

D7 ROAS increases 53% for Huuuge Games with LifeStreet’s LAT campaign

Huuuge casino game with cartoon display
Panda Pop game with panda characters

Case Study

LifeStreet’s longstanding partnership with Jam City drives confidence and ROI with LAT campaign