Reintroduce Yourself to Dormant Users

The most efficient way to rekindle inactive users

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Users download your app and disappear. They stop using it or delete it or abandon their cart mid-transaction. Re-engage inactive users by highlighting your app's latest updates and remind them why they downloaded it in the first place.

Increase In-App Conversions

They demonstrated an interest in your app but have drifted away. Re-engagement campaigns are highly effective and efficient at bringing them back. Precisely target dormant users with more relevant messages to drive deeper engagement and revenue.

Drive Performance with In-House Creative

Our in-house team of 15 creative experts ideate, design, build and test thousands of ads per month. All creative is fully configurable and optimized for maximum performance. When it comes to re-engaging users through display, video and interactive playables, we know what works.

Get insight into What Resonates

Reveal insights that matter with LifeStreet's proprietary insights platform. See performance summaries and interrogate your data through easy to use dashboards. Analyze your ROAS by carrier, app store, device, creative and more to discover learnings. If you prefer, easily export the data to your analytics platform of choice.

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