Solutions for Mobile App Developers

Solutions for

Mobile App Developers

Acquire profitable high-value, high-retention users

More intelligent bidding

By combining your data with our custom deep learning models, we can predict each impression’s unique value to you. Optimize on any post-install KPI, including retention, purchase value, propensity to act, purchase and more.

A/B testing tools to
execute your UA strategy


Nero is the first mobile DSP that can run infinite A/B performance tests to evaluate which bidding strategy performs best for your conversion goal. Preview the impact your optimization changes will have on ROAS so that you can confidently deliver against your performance goals.

Models built for a
post-IDFA world

Our supercharged model production iterates and rapidly tests how new contextual parameters influence user acquisition touch points. We identify and leverage the signals outside of IDFA that have the greatest advantage when it comes to predicting how users will respond to your ad.