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Meet the team

We've come far from our humble beginnings and we didn't get here by accident. We care passionately about our customers' needs and have a clear vision for where the industry is going. We're working hard together to build the future.


Levi Matkins

Levi is responsible for our company’s business and product strategy. He joined the company in 2013 and spearheaded the adoption of machine learning technology to power LifeStreet’s programmatic media buying.

Felix Soyferman

VP, Product & Engineering
Felix oversees the engineering and development teams. He is responsible for ensuring that design requirements and new features of our programmatic platform meet the current and future needs of our business.

Luke Matkins

Luke brings 20+ years of experience building high-scale performance oriented systems with a focus on machine learning. He runs the data science team and is responsible for LifeStreet’s machine learning platform.

Jessica Ionni

VP, Business Operations
Jessica works with all teams across the business and is responsible for driving operational efficiency and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and growth.

Christy Labrador

Director, Customer Success
Christy oversees the account management team which focuses on growing LifeStreet's advertising partners and helping them find new revenue opportunities.

Andi Perez

Principal Creative Designer, Marketing & Ops
Andi works across the marketing and creative studio teams. She is responsible for creating the visual identity of the LifeStreet brand and designs playables that will drive success for our clients.

Alina Lacey-Varona

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Alina is responsible for all aspects of LifeStreet’s marketing, designed to position the company as a leading DSP for mobile marketers. She focuses on sales enablement, go-to-market strategy, events and content marketing.

Lily Stoelting

Senior Product Manager
Lily supervises new product development at LifeStreet, working closely with cross-functional teams to identify market opportunities and create tailored solutions for customers.