InMobi Q&A with LifeStreet. In-app advertising post-iOS 14.5

In-app advertising post-iOS 14.5

On April 26, 2021, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature was released with iOS 14.5 which meant that all apps must use the ATT framework to request a user’s permission to track them using the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers). But unlike previous iOS versions, Apple slow-rolled iOS 14.5 adoption and the full impact of ATT and SKadnetwork on the mobile app economy has not been felt — more change is yet to come.

LifeStreet’s very own Samantha Freeny, Director of Product, connected with InMobi’s Lead of Content Marketing, Matthew Kaplan, to answer questions on what these early days of in-app advertising looks like post iOS 14.5 and what might come next:

So far, it’s business as usual. With the slow roll out of iOS 1­4.5, adoption rates have been strong, opt-in rates have been encouraging and advertisers’ campaigns have been running relatively normal. The complete industry reliance on ATT and SKAdnetwork hasn’t happened yet but that can change.

Be prepared for change. Although many advertisers are using probabilistic attribution, they should still have their Apple campaign ID mapping and conversion values set up. This will ensure that in the event of a future loss or change in attribution options, there is a stockpile of SKAdNetwork postbacks that can be utilized.

Google will be next. It is anticipated that Google will follow Apple’s lead with an Android privacy update in the near future. With this expectation, it is not advised for advertisers to shift their entire iOS budgets to Android.

Watch the full Q&A here:

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After this interview, InMobi published this iOS 14 update: Checking In on ATT: Where do things stand today?


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