On the right side there is a life size phone and three people are switching out the title, image, and text. On the left side the title it says Nero Dynamic Creatives with a mega phone under the title.

Introducing: AI-powered dynamic in-app ads

In mobile advertising, customized ads have long been an effective way for brands to discover, acquire, and retain new users. Most recently, generative AI has unlocked tremendous efficiencies in the personalization of ad creatives and the scale at which content is created. But as of now, creative testing has yet to match the advancements in content generation. It’s not feasible nor efficient to manually test the endless AI-generated permutations of each element, of each creative, across numerous audience segments. At this scale, it is simply cost prohibitive. Until now.

At LifeStreet, we have spent years adapting, fine-tuning, and scaling our creative solution to help performance marketers effectively convert impressions into customers and are continuously looking to find better ways to drive return on ad spend (ROAS). We always ask ourselves, “How can we test and scale in-app ads better?”

Now, performance marketers – regardless of whether they have an app or not – can cost-effectively create, test, and run customized full-screen in-app ads at scale because of Nero’s comprehensive creative toolset, which includes:

  • AI-generated content: By harnessing the power of generative AI, Nero Dynamic Creatives offer an unprecedented variety of content choices. Its AI-driven process efficiently scales content creation, ensuring that every ad is not only personalized but also contextually aligned with the app environment in which it is served.
  • Dynamic decisioning: Nero’s robust machine learning models predict the best AI-generated content combination for each impression in any app, ensuring that each ad is as effective as possible. Preliminary tests have shown consistent double-digit performance uplifts with Nero Dynamic Creatives typically driving a 30% higher response rate than non-personalized ads.
  • “Nativized” ad formats: Nero Dynamic Creatives mimic the style of native ads, creating a seamless experience for users. While these ads have the look and feel of native ad formats, they do not require the same technological setup, making an in-app native experience easier to run across a larger inventory pool.

By mass producing ideas, and deploying and analyzing new content in real time, we can aggregate and analyze relevant data faster than ever before. And the faster we can identify the correlation between creative elements and performance outcomes, the faster and better we can predict the probability which creative combination will drive the desired outcome, such as taking a survey, entering a sweepstakes, subscribing to a service, buying a product, registering an email, providing personal information, or being directed to a call center.

How does Nero Dynamic Creatives work?

Nero Dynamic Creatives use generative AI to mass produce ideas for pre-defined elements within an ad, such as headlines, images, and CTAs. These elements dynamically change based on the content most likely to drive a conversion. For example, if you have 500 different headlines, 20 different CTAs and 10 different images, that would be 200,000 total possible ads.

On the left side there are four rows stacked with phones. The phones show different headline, body, button and image options using dynamic creatives. That is filtered through a robot that shows the best optimal creative combination.

Of these 200,000 variations, our AI-powered creative model predicts the optimal creative combination most likely to drive a conversion for any given impression in any given app. If the Nero platform has the winning bid, then the creative model selects the best creative combination and the chosen ad is rendered in real-time by LifeStreet’s ad server.

By combining the power of generative AI and dynamic decisioning, our team at LifeStreet has bridged the gap between the transformative potential of AI-generated content and the need for cost-effective, scalable ad personalization. In a mobile-first era in which competition is fierce and attention spans are fleeting, Nero Dynamic Creatives is a powerful tool for performance marketers to expand their reach and enhance their mobile ad strategy.

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us.

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