LifeStreet becomes CAAF member

LifeStreet joins the Coalition Against Ad Fraud

LifeStreet is among a growing group of networks, supply side players, advertisers, app publishers and technology partners who have joined CAAF (Coalition Against Ad Fraud). CAAF was founded to establish global standards for ad fraud prevention and create more transparency in the app ecosystem. 

Mobile Ad Fraud is the biggest threat to the digital economy and is estimated to reach $100 billion by 2023. While current ad fraud solutions have been successful at tracking fraud after it happens, they are unable to prevent fraud or address the sources of ad fraud in a systematic, global way. If left unchecked, fraud will damage the reputation of the app industry and lower the value of businesses operating in the space. 

As a member, LifeStreet will support CAAF in its mission to attack ad fraud at its source through the adoption of global standards and tech solutions by the entire ecosystem.

What is CAAF?
  • CAAF is a non-profit organization and tech-solution founded by industry veterans dedicated to eradicating fraud in the mobile app economy.
  • By combining technical know-how and best practices developed through years of experience, CAAF’s mission is to establish global standards and technologies for ad fraud prevention and create more transparency in the app ecosystem that benefit all stakeholders across the industry. CAAF also educates the market and the wider public about the costs of mobile fraud for the digital economy.
  • CAAF is a member-funded organization and membership is open to qualifying market participants, from app publishers (advertisers) to mobile ad networks and other technology partners and software businesses in the mobile marketing space concerned with maintaining an open, innovative app ecosystem.
Why was CAAF founded?
  • Mobile ad fraud is the biggest threat to the digital economy and is estimated to reach EUR 100 billion by 2023, attracting organized crime and other criminal actors around the globe.
  • Yet because this type of fraud is not prosecuted as an illegal activity and has not been addressed by regulators, mobile ad fraud has continued to thrive.
  • Ad fraud solutions developed by for-profit businesses/private companies can track ad fraud after it happens but have been unable to prevent ad fraud or address the sources of ad fraud.
What does CAAF do?
  • CAAF has a different and unique approach – by using technology, developing standards, and gaining support from market participants across the app industry, CAAF will leverage its independence to drive adoption of its technologies and standards around the globe and prevent mobile ad fraud at its source.

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