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MoPub’s Programmatic Summer School Evaluation: Programmatic do’s & don’ts

What are some of the major factors when choosing a DSP? What misconceptions do marketers have about DSPs and programmatic buying? What are different options and pricing models? What about brand safety and fraud detection?

LifeStreet’s very own Kristen Perry, Head of Sales & Business Development, joined programmatic experts from Aarki and Moloco for MoPub’s Programmatic Summer School session, Evaluation: Programmatic do’s & don’ts.

Here are a few of her top takeaways:

  1. Advertisers should view programmatic as a tool and not just a supply source–a programmatic buy is different from a network buy and the two should not be approached the same way.
  2. A more iterative approach to model building which tests all elements of a campaign is key to driving a measurable lift.
  3. Programmatic offers an extra layer of protection when it comes to brand safety. Because an impression is evaluated in real-time, it mitigates the possibility of fraud that may sneak in if you are relying solely on rule-based optimization.

Missed class? Watch the full summer school session here.

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