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2021 Year in review

2021 was quite the year. Apple’s self-assertiveness was on full display, Meta and the metaverse became household names; and there were an unprecedented number of ad tech M&As. But for LifeStreet, 2021 was still all about you, our customers, who were an integral part of our growth.

LifeStreet – and a lot of other companies – spent 2021 reacting to Apple’s privacy changes and we are truly grateful to our incredible partners who chose us to help them prepare for SKAN and grow their business. And because our success hinges on your success, LifeStreet was able to hit some significant milestones over the last 12 months.

As we reflect on 2021, we are excited to share a few key achievements and a preview of what’s in store for 2022.

  • We made technical enhancements to our prediction engine resulting in better performing models with higher predictive accuracy which can:
      • Decrease CPIs up to 53%
      • Increase rewarded impression-to-install ratios up to 61%
      • Increase impression-to-install ratios up to 137%
  • Integrated two new supply partners, increasing reach by 16%
  • Grew client base by 2X
  • Revenue grew by 43%
What to look forward to in 2022

While we can’t reveal all just yet, we want to give you a preview of what’s to come by sharing the four product pillars that underpin our 2022 strategy and will enable us to deliver an even stronger programmatic platform.

Pillar #1: Transparency

Standard mobile DSPs currently do not offer a dashboard view of bidding formulas and the models that support them. We aim to provide full transparency into the range of variables involved in executing a programmatic media buy so that performance marketers can see–and more importantly understand–the models that make the bidding decisions for their campaigns.

Pillar #2: Flexibility

Many DSPs currently offer binary programmatic buying solutions. The technology to bring programmatic buying campaigns in-house or a managed service platform. We aim to give users the ability to choose when and how they take control of their media buying strategies. As marketers become proficient programmatic media buyers, they are likely to want greater control over their budget, data and analytics. To this end, it’s important that they have the option to transition to a self-serve DSP without losing the account management and customer support of a managed service.

Pillar #3: Testing

Testing has always been at the core of LifeStreet’s optimization process. Whether it’s translating creatives for specific geos, or tailoring creatives to certain exchanges, we are continuously testing small tweaks and brand new concepts. We’ve now expanded our testing capability to our bidding formulas.

Testing the best model among an infinite number of model configurations is currently a slow, time-consuming process that inhibits rapid rollout of programmatic bidding strategies. Previously, it has been impossible to say that a new model is conclusively better than an old one. But improvements to model testing will allow us to deploy better models, with higher predictive accuracy, and evaluate the ‘right’ metrics to facilitate our understanding of what makes a good model, before it goes live.

Pillar #4: Accuracy

Constructing models is often constrained by the ability to process data. By speeding up the data processing workflow, we are able to build more complex models that can consider a greater number of variables and increase predictive accuracy.

A next-generation programmatic platform

A lot changed in 2021 but our mission remains the same – to solve problems for mobile app developers in the programmatic space by building solutions to find and grow their audiences. Our 2022 product roadmap has been driven by you, our customers. Your feedback has been invaluable. When you speak, we listen, and we are incredibly excited to bring you pivotal changes in the coming year.

To learn even more about our updates, reach out to your LifeStreet customer success manager or send us an email.

Levi Matkins
LifeStreet CEO

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