Nero FAQ

1. What does the release of Nero mean for my campaigns?

Initially, we’ve kept the same set up and bids from the legacy platform to the Nero platform. This has allowed us to test extensively, and we have already achieved performance parity. There should be no performance changes to your campaigns in the short term. All of our testing has been set up to avoid any interruption in your reporting - the campaign data you see in the legacy platform already includes data from the Nero platform, and you can continue to view data from both platforms in our legacy reporting. Nero is a redesign of our old platform and has a new set of tools for campaign management and optimization. We expect to be able to achieve performance wins with Nero. Whether it is a LifeStreet customer success manager or one of our partners, Nero gives greater transparency, control, and efficiency to whomever is managing budgets and programmatic spending.

2. Do I need new login credentials?

Yes. Your customer success manager will provide you with your new login credentials when we’ve completed the data migration.

3. Can I still log into the old dashboard?

Yes. Nothing has changed in the legacy platform and your old credentials will still give you access to all campaign data (including campaigns that have migrated to Nero). We do plan to deprecate the legacy platform later in the year, and will notify you beforehand.

4. Does the migration to the new platform change my current IO with LifeStreet?

Currently, there is no need to change your agreement with LifeStreet. As we add self-serve capabilities later in the year, we may require a short addendum to your existing agreement.

5. Do I need to update my API call?

No. You will not need to update your API at this point. But we will be introducing a new API in the next 6 months.

6. What do I have access to now and what will I have access to in the future?

We’ve decided to roll out Nero in three phases. Phase I, which we are now preparing for, gives you the exact same level of visibility into campaign performance, bidding strategies, reporting as your LifeStreet Customer Success Manager. In fact, you both are logging into the same UI. We are in the process of completing the data migration and will send your new login credentials once reporting reflects 100% of spend and campaign data. Phase II is the next level of platform access which will allow you to control budgets and limited targeting. Please speak to your customer success manager about what you’d like to access and when so they can build a comprehensive training plan. Phase III is for experienced advertisers who want to have total control over their spend. Programmatic media buying is complex. If and when you want to transition to a self-serve DSP, we are here to guide you and you won’t lose any of the account management and customer support of a managed service.