LifeStreet's ranking in the 2024 singular ROI index. CTA button "download the report".

LifeStreet Ranked in the Singular ROI Index 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that LifeStreet has been named a top acquisition partner in Singular’s 2024 ROI Index. This recognition highlights our continued commitment to effectively driving return on ad spend for our clients through in-app advertising (IAA). 

Singular’s annual ROI Index is based on an evaluation of trillions of ad impressions, clicks, and installs across a wide variety of media sources. It highlights top performing media sources that have successfully navigated the complexities of mobile marketing, especially in a time when the industry is grappling with changing privacy and tracking trends. This transition underscores the need for ad partners  that not only adapt quickly but also offer transparent, high-ROI opportunities for marketers.

LifeStreet’s Ranking in the 2024 Singular ROI Index

LifeStreet’s ranking underscores our focus on maximizing ROI for our clients on iOS.

  • IOS Global ROI – All Categories (Top 10)
  • IOS Global ROI – Gaming (Top 10)
LifeStreet's ranking in the Singular ROI Index 2024, showing categories: Global and Global Gaming, with the LifeStreet logo displayed.

                                            Download the full report.

Why LifeStreet’s Ranking Matters

As brands look to diversify their advertising strategies beyond Google, Facebook, and other walled gardens, we’re proud to be ranked as a trusted partner capable of unlocking new growth opportunities in the evolving world of in-app advertising.

Case Study: Hit aggressive ROAS goals with IAA

Recently, LifeStreet helped an omnichannel performance marketing agency exceed its ROAS goals through a strategic in-app advertising campaign. Knowing that their target audience was increasingly spending more time in-app, the company was faced with the challenge of expanding their reach and increasing the number of conversions through a new marketing channel. The company partnered with LifeStreet to run their first in-app acquisition campaign.

LifeStreet consistently exceeded daily and monthly ROAS targets.

  • 130% ROAS day 1
  • 225% increase in conversions
  • 230% increase in budget

We’re committed to harnessing the full potential of IAA and creating impactful advertising experiences that help our clients generate more revenue, and achieve sustainable success. Learn more about how we’ve helped other agencies scale new growth opportunities with in-app-advertising.

A Future-Forward Approach to In-App Advertising

As mobile continues to dominate digital consumption, the opportunities for brands to connect with audiences through apps are only set to increase. LifeStreet is at the forefront of this evolution, offering innovative, data-driven solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of performance marketers, brands, and users alike.

Connect with us here to speak with an expert about how we can help you leverage the power of in-app advertising to achieve unparalleled growth and return on your advertising spend.

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