Case Study – Wooga

June's journey game with floating stars

Wooga is one of the most popular developers of casual, story-driven mobile games in the world. Founded in 2009 in Berlin, Wooga develops high quality games with engaging stories as the core experience. Wooga strives to play a positive part in people’s lives and create joyful moments they look forward to playing everyday. Wooga has employees and in 2018 was acquired for over $200 million by Playtika.

"Lifestreet’s Value-Adjusted Bidding [VAB] campaign allowed us to find quality users at a much more efficient rate than we ever had before. Substituting the previous campaigns we had with them to use VAB only was a nobrainer."

Wooga exponentially increases ROAS and IAP revenue with LifeStreet's Value-Adjusted Bidding model


Wooga, one of the most successful mobile app developers in the gaming industry, delivers story-driven casual games to millions of players globally. Wooga contacted LifeStreet to drive user acquisition for their newest hidden object title, June’s Journey. Wooga’s primary goals were:

  • Drive scale in the US market across iOS iPad users
  • Increase in-app purchase revenue
  • Achieve their ROAS targets



In order to accelerate growth for June’s Journey, Wooga decided to test LifeStreet’s new Value-Adjusted Bidding (VAB) model instead of the traditional CPI model, which values all installs as equal. LifeStreet’s VAB campaign paired its deep learning, custom models with Wooga’s revenue data to predict the value of each individual user for June’s Journey. VAB recognizes that all users are not equal, enabling LifeStreet to dynamically bid for each user, depending on the predicted value to Wooga. This approach enabled June’s Journey to acquire very high and lower value users at scale while bidding differently for users across the entire value spectrum.


Converting June’s Journey from a CPI to a VAB campaign resulted in significant performance improvements across the board:

  • 319% increase in in-app purchase revenue
  • 136% increase in ROAS
  • 149% increase in bid win percentage


The combination of VAB and deep learning models custom built for Wooga, enabled LifeStreet to increase Wooga’s ROAS by more accurately predicting the value of each user in real-time and converting more high-quality users. Today, all Wooga campaigns run on the VAB model.