Machine Learning

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Introducing: AI-powered dynamic in-app ads

In mobile advertising, customized ads have long been an effective way for brands to discover, acquire, and retain new users. Most recently, generative AI has unlocked tremendous efficiencies in the personalization of ad creatives and the scale at which content … Read More

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#162: Generative AI in mobile ad campaigns

The rapid rise of Generative AI, driven by titans like ChatGPT from OpenAI, Bard from Google, Llama from Meta, and other large language models (LLMs), has undeniably become a force to reckon with in today’s digital landscape. Our CEO, Levi … Read More

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5 Things we’ve learned in 6 years working with non-personalized traffic

At LifeStreet, we’ve been purchasing non-personalized traffic since the release of iOS10 back in 2016. Because many other demand-side-platforms and ad networks continued to rely on the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) until Apple’s enforcement of ATT in April 2021, this … Read More

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How to drive ROAS in 2023

It’s a new year and a new day in the mobile economy. In 2022, rising costs and inflation led to a slowdown of in-app purchases as users recalibrated their spending habits to fit their financial needs. In 2023, mobile ad … Read More

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post-IDFA world

The importance of working with a specialized DSP

With iOS 14.5+ and the advent of new data privacy restrictions, the process of app growth has gotten more complicated. But, while acquiring high-quality players might have gotten more expensive and complex, mobile game engagement and playing session times are … Read More

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SKAN 4.0

Everything game apps need to know about SKAN 4.0

Last month, Apple rolled out its much anticipated SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0. The latest version of its privacy-based measurement framework contains key improvements that will help make SKAN more effective for all app marketers. In this blog, we cover the key … Read More

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